Yet another article about sharing an apartment with a couple.

rw3I had a couple as my roommates once in my life, and in this post, I am not going to give any how-to advice or list pros and cons, I am just going to share my experience and give you my thoughts about it.

So I have moved to Tampa, Florida and shared an apartment with a college friend of mine whos name was Mary.

Few weeks later her boyfriend, Michael, has come to visit her from Ohio and decided to stay for good (as he was currently out of job). I wasn’t too happy about it, but since we lived in a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom apartment I thought it couldn’t be too bad. But I was wrong. Here are the main issues I had with them:

images (5)-When Michael moved in, bills went up due to exessive cooking (he liked to cook), but were still divided by two, not by three of us. However, Michael had a full say in all house related issues and, of course, whenever the argument was present Mary always picked his side.

-I became a minority when it came up to any kind of decisions about our living space.

-I felt like a third wheel everytime all three of us hung out in a living area.

-Everytime I needed to use our washer there was another Mike and Mary’s load of laundry spinning in there.

-It was NOT fun to hang out together becuase everytime it ended with them fighthing.

-Few times I was awaken in the middle of the night by their screams when they went through another argument.

-It might sound crazy, but I felt like Michael was sort of… Competing with me for Mary’s attention and sometimes pushed his weight around just to test his power.

It wasn’t bad all the time though, and those things were not a big deal for me at first, but still, I got slightly irritated each time we had a “Michael and Mary” situation and soon enough the tension, that was gradually building up, resulted in fighting from all three sides. So over time we almost stopped talking to one another, and everytime all three of us were present in the same room heavy silence hung over the place. This was no roommate paradise.

Long story short: Michael broke up with Mary and moved out and so did I. As of today I do not talk to either one of them and I would rather live in a windowless basement (also I hope I will never have to face this choice) then share an apartment with another couple. No matter how sweet and laid back they are.

I do agree that a lot of it was my own fault as I didn’t stand my ground at the beginning and let them take over the decision making, but it is kind of hard to change the situation on the go. So if you consider sharing an apartment with a couple, you should know what you are getting yourself into. And maybe workout a strategy and discuss all the possible issues before you move in together (Here, I did it, I gave you a how to advice).

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