Roommate Pranks

What would you do if you wake up in the middle of the street? Literally, in the middle of the street while laying down in your bed. You would probably wonder how you got there? Well, your dorm roommates pulled a prank on you and carried your bed outside while you were sleeping in it.. Haha…NOT funny.

While pranks are fun to watch, I assume, the prank victims are hardly amused by it, and the people who post prank videos on youtube never tell how the prank victims retaliate. So if you decided to pull one on your roommie I suggest you calculate the possible consiquences very well before doing it.

Anyway, pranks are a part of fun you have, when you are young and free, and live with the roommates so here are some pretty neat and light prank ideas for you.

1. From me to you.

2.Do you think your roommate is trying to tell you something?

3.Have you seen the scissors?

4.Classics of prank (works best with drunk roommates)


5.And whatever this is


6.Another funny thing that went viral


7. Patch Adams’ style


8. And here you can actually see, what one of the prank victims thinks of it. Whoever made this hole obviously did not think that getting someone trapped in the bathroom is funny. reddit

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