Your roommate can be an energy vampire

How are you today? Do you feel awake and energetic? Are you in a good mood? Do you feel really healthy? Or do you feel tired and irritated, hungry or depressed? Are you losing weight (or gaining it) and feel like crying/sleeping all the time? If it is the latter for you, then …  Your periods are coming!! -Just joking. If you feel like this without any visible reason that means that your vital energy level is really low.  So if that sounds like you, then I would like you to think for a moment and try to understand why do you feel this way, and why are you losing energy. Is that your daily schedule? Or your lifestyle? Or the job you hate? Or … Someone who is draining you out of energy on daily basis?… Like your roommate?! (Omg, I need emojis! I feel like inserting a pair of yellow snake eyes, squinting maliciously, here).

roommates steal my energy


Here are some quick facts about energy vampires, for you to get a better idea of what they really are like:

1. They might be really sweet and nice (so that you almost feel guilty for being uncomfortable in their presence) trying to draw you close to them.

2. They are seeking your company, always trying to touch you occasionally or talk to you. They always catch you at the most untimely moments, which is super annoying.

3. They provoke your anger and make you feel uncomfortable either deliberately, by their actions towards you, or unconsciously, by doing something that irritates you like chewing with their mouth open, rattling their keys all the time, burping, farting, etc. For example, my roommate has a terrible habit of licking her fingers after she’s done eating, that makes my stomach turn every time I see it (sorry, dear, I just can’t keep it to myself anymore), but since we have no other issues and I, in general, feel good and energetic, I don’t think she is an energy vampire.

4. They instigate conflicts, but change their behavior to that of an innocent victim of your irrational aggression, as soon as they manage to get a negative energy outburst out of you.

6. They will complain to you, making you feel sorry for them, or recap a terrible car accident, they have witnessed, in details, to gross you out, or tell you how they put homeless cats to sleep in the shelter, to bring tears of sadness to your eyes. They’ll do anything to make you emotional.


roommates drain my energy

Well, the answer is simple-don’t let him/her feed on you! Avoiding someone who makes you feel uncomfortable is probably the simplest and the best solution here. But there is one thing that I’ve read about recently: vampires are looking for victims, and victims (or donors) are looking for someone to donate their energy to, so they are drawn to one another on a subconscious level. Have you ever had a situation where you had been involved into a recurring conflict with someone? The conflict that would often escalate to a nasty brawl or even a physical fight? Do you remember how you would feel each time after the fight? Like, “How did I even let myself get into it? What is wrong with me?!” – You, being an energy donor and willingly giving your energy to a starving vampire, is the only thing that is wrong with you. It really is complicated and I’m afraid that you will fall asleep or close this page, if I go deeper into this subject, so I’m trying to be concise here. Click on the links for more info, or do your own google research (me being sweet and polite).

If you really believe in the energy flow and feel devastated by the vampire attacks, you could also try visualizing a transparent wall between you and the vampire, or a stream of light surrounding you, when you are interacting with him/her, that dissolves all the negativity the vampire sends your way.

People on the web also suggest interlacing your fingers, placing them on your solar plexus and bringing soles of your feet together to “lock” the energy flow inside your body, preventing the “leakages”.

FYI, plants are divided in vampires and donors too, so getting yourself a ficus, or a geranium will help you in defending yourself against an evil energy thief. Begonia is considered a vampire plant, but a good one, that absorbs negativity, recycles it and gives you positive energy back. Besides, plants purify the air and have many other really useful qualities, so if I were you, I would have gotten myself some nice pretty plant already :)


That is possible too, but the good news you can manage to stop stealing other people’s energy if you get plenty of your own.

roommate is an energy vampire

Vampires are often not aware of the harm they cause and are not necessarily bad people. They are just lacking their own vital energy and are forced to steal it from others to survive. So, if you think you might be an energy vampire, concentrate on increasing your energy level in a more natural peaceful way.

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