Pet is not a problem when sharing an apartment… But your roommate might be


pets in shared apartment

So, you don’t really see why is having a pet in the apartment that you share with your roommate is such a bad idea, do you? We all love animals. Pets are, very possibly, the last thread that connects us to nature in our hyper- urban world. Well, pets are usually not a problem, but their owners often are.

Getting a pet is almost as serious as getting a baby. There are some very important questions you need to ask yourself if you and your roommates are thinking about getting a furry friend.

How big is your apartment? So many people out there are complaining about their roommates’ unruly pets, but if you really think about it, irresponsible owner is the one to blame for an animal going nuts when it’s locked all day long in an apartment with not enough space for healthy exercise.

“Exercise is important as it allows our pets to express their normal instinctive behavioural traits including inquisitive exploration, the use of scent, sight and hearing, tracking, stalking, play-fighting, play-defensive behaviour, hiding, attacking, chasing, greeting members of the same species, dealing with strange objects and dealing with animals from different species. Exercise also encourages the development of a normal daily toilet routine. Cats and dogs deprived of regular exercise and confined to the home may develop anti-social behaviour patterns including destructive behaviour, aggressive territorial guarding, house soiling and vocalisation when left alone without human companionship.” – THE IMPORTANCE OF EXERCISING PET ANIMALS at“.

Next good thing to do before you head to the pet shop or pet shelter would be to look at the person who wants to get a pet. How serious and prepared to take care of a pet this person is? Let’s say your slob of a roommate wants to get herself a fancy lap dog to carry around in a purse. All pets require attention and regular care and grooming, dogs most of all of them. Especially fancy dogs. If your roommate’s not used to getting up early in the morning, the chances are that you, as a more disciplined roommate, will have to wake up at 6 am everyday to walk and brush your roommate’s pet. Because if you don’t the animal will suffer (loudly) while her oblivious owner is sleeping her usual 3 to 11 am hours. Same rule applies to feeding, training and cleaning after the animal.

Last but not least: even if you have a huge sun-drenched duplex with plenty of space and air, and responsible adults to take good care of your pet you better think about your lifestyle before you make a final decision. How much time are you ready to spend with your pet everyday? Most of pets, especially cats and dogs can develop a separation anxiety if left alone for extended periods of time, which in turn leads to antisocial behavior and development of bad habits. If you and your roommates are not spending much time in the apartment then maybe it’s better not to get a pet just yet. Unless you are ok coming home every night to find a pile of chewed up shoes, a little yellow puddle on the floor in the living room and a miserable pet with sad eyes waiting for your attention and energy.

One more thing to keep in mind when you are thinking about getting a pet: no matter whose pet is it all roommates living in the apartment are going to be affected by its presence. Pet is not a toy it requires a lot of work care and constant attention so the owner of a pet living with roommates will have huge responsibility over his or her pets and roommates comfort and happiness.


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