Pet is not a problem when living with a roommate

Having a pet, just like having a baby, entails too many responsibilities (even if you are not the pet owner) and certain household adjustments. That is why, having pet when you live with a roommate in NYC is an issue, so if  you are either sharing a place with a pet owner or being a pet owner living with a roommate yourself, you might find this article interesting.


your rommate's cat

Do not adopt the pet! 

Make sure you don’t become the pet’s care giver, cleaning, feeding, walking and treating it instead of your roommate. There must be a reason why you didn’t get a pet for yourself, and whatever it is, it can only mean one thing- you don’t need it now, so don’t let it be imposed on you by a careless owner.

Lay out some rules

Think of the pet free zones in your apartment, meaning the areas where you don’t want your roommate’s cat/dog/tea cup pig have access to,  and make sure that your roommate understands the full meaning of “pet-free”.

Take precautions

roommates with pets

Get all the things that might be damaged by a pet and get them safely out of reach. As we said above, having a pet in the apartment entails the responsibilty from both sides, so be responsible for your stuff. Better safe than sorry.


Don’t hesitate to talk to your rommate if you feel an issue arising, and be sure to do it right away to avoid escalation.


Train your pet

Make sure you pet is properly trained. Biting puppy or a not (potty) trained cat is a problem that could cause your roommate to start hating your pet and all pets in general.

Set boundaries

Confine your pet.  As a pet owner you might be ok with your dog’s chew toys scattered around the apartment,  but your rommate is most likely not going to be ok with it. So it makes sense to get a puppy pen if you have a dog.

roommate's cat

Be extra clean

Don’t fail to clean after your pet right away, even if you feel that it can wait a few hours, and make sure you give your pet a proper bath as often as it takes, to ensure that it doesn’t stink.

Take extra care about your pet

Again, if you have a dog, maybe, it makes sense to hire a dog walker, to make sure your canine is healthy, and not going nuts inside the apartment out of boredom.

Even if you are sharing an apartment with someone, you can still enjoy having a four legged baby in your house, the only thing that  you should watch out for, is making sure that your pet is not causing any probems to your roommate turning his/her life into a nightmare. That is why it is important to let your roommate know about your pet upfront, before you got into a commitment, and the perfect way to do it, would be to put the pet in your profile, when you are ust looking for a roommate, and maybe even put your pet as a profile picture to let everyon know wbout it right off the bat. Just like Jenny did:

Roommate with a pet profile

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