Living with a roommate of the opposite sex

I have once lived with a guy roommate, and I have friends who had or have been currently living with the opposite sex roommates. I asked some of them how does it feel to live with a roommate of the opposite sex¬†and, with the slight variations, the answer, in common, was: good, not that much different from living with someone of the same sex. I mean, if you ask any of us (my friends and me), we all have nightmare roommate stories, but in this case gender doesn’t matter, some people are just not fun to live with, and they can be both males or females.


female roommates

We see each other a lot, because our working hours are basically the same, but I enjoy her company most of the times. We both know when to back off and give each other some privacy, and don’t make a big deal of things like overflowing trash can. We go shopping together sometimes and can totally go on an unplanned bar hopping round in our neighborhood. We are comfortable wearing underwear in each others presence, and borrowing each other’s clothes and accessories. We both love hookah, so we even bought one to have at home, but because we are both lazy and unexperienced it takes us too long to set it up right, so we would rather go out to smoke. We got to know each other really well and started adopting each other’s style and habits. It worriesme by some reason.

Things we never do: we never go into each others room unless invited, and don’t touch each other posessions without permission. We never have guests staying over night without letting each other know and never bring guests over after 10 pm, in fact, we don’t have many guests at all, wich I enjoy.

Our main problem is hair. Our long healthy, thick hair literally everywhere around the apartment: on the tile floor in the kitchen, on the high pile rug in the living room, somebody’ single hair string, coiled, glued to the wall by some magic, hair in the bathtub drain and hair in the sink, her hair on my clothes, my hair in her laundry, hair, hair, hair, hair, hair but other than that we are fine.


roommates of opposite sex

We hadn’t seen each other too often, due to the fact the we were both introverts, had different schedules and were very busy at work. We never had any household issues, because we were almost never home and didn’t buy groceries together. We haven’t ever gotten in any arguments, because nothing was a big deal for either of us. It almost felt like we existed in parallel worlds, and I didn’t mind it all. He had his girlfriend staying over sometimes, but they mostly stayed in his room, and were really quiet. We could go out for drink and did think like hiking from time to time, and it felt nice.

We clearly had a different idea of what “cleaning an apartment” mean (for Brian brief vacuuming and taking out the trash was the essence of cleaning, and doing the dishes mainly meant just rinsing them, without using dish soap, unless really necessary) but it didn’t bother me much anyway. In fact, Brian is in the top position in my “best roommates” list and we still keep in touch.

Having lived with total of 10 roommates for my whole life I came to a conclusion that you can really get along with anyone, as long as you keep it down, and have a life outside of the apartment walls. I have never met with classic “horror movie roommates” though and I believe that you shouldn’t too (unless you are in the army), and the way I view sharing an apartment is as if it was a school where you master your social skills, I really wish you could share my point of view because that would make your life together like a game where you are keeping a score. Not a bad way to view it, right?

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