If your roommate is a weirdo


I remember my own experience with a “not-quite-normal person” being my third roommate in a college dorm. Her name was Masha, and we had lived together first 3 years of college. The first two years were great and we actually became friends, but then something happened and when we came back from summer break at the beginning of our third year, she was a different person. Reserved and very religious (I’m not sure if she turned to christianity or some kind of sect), she refused to go out and spent all her free time reading bible,  which, however upset I was to lose her socially, wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t for her “prayers” . She started on her knees, whispering quietly, but would soon fall into some kind of trance, or something, and start shouting words in some unknown language while her face turned red with exhilaration. She never caused any problems or become aggressive, or anything, but her “prayer moments” would scare the crap out of me everytime they happened. Even today I can’t make sense of it, and understand what happened.

room for rent NYC and weird roommates

I think I could be considered a pretty weird roommate myself (and I’m proud of being able to admit it), because I have recently become all about spirituality, yoga and mind-power theory, so whenever I have a problem I disappear in my room for hours to meditate while listening long chakra opening binaural beats, breathing and chanting mantras. My roommate says it is “actually…really cool” .

I have found some roommate stories online and posted them here because, in my opinion, they are just so great:


“Our room had its own bathroom. She would go in there (for pooping) and she would take off all her clothes. Afterward, presumably she would put the clothes back on. She thought everyone did this.”


“In my freshman year of college, my roommate started cutting pictures of eyes out of magazines and pasting them on her wall. By the end of about a week, she’d filled up her side of the wall with a bunch of eyes…all of them staring creepily at me.

She also erected a tent in her bed which she went to bed in. No, not a sleeping bag, but a full blown tent. Like the kind you take on camping trips. I’m  not sure what her reasoning was but if I had to guess, it would be to avoid ever having to look at me (or her lovely little wall of eyes, for that matter).

This was actually an improvement over what she was doing prior to that which was to open up a bunch of umbrellas on her bed – bad luck be damned – to act as a sort of barricade between the two of us. In order to keep the umbrellas from toppling over, she had to sleep on the farthest corner of the bed, right by her wall of eyes. Every so often though, she’d turn around a little too aggressively and the umbrellas would all come toppling down to the ground. I would’ve found it hilarious had it not been so hurtful. Of course, about 2 weeks in, she went and got herself a tent, which she spent the rest of the semester sleeping in.

It was a really difficult time for me because I was an international student who barely knew anyone at the point. What’s more, we’d gotten along pretty well the first week and I had considered her a friend, imagining all the fun we’d have ala those sitcoms you see on tv. To this day, I still don’t know what caused her to go nuts on me like that. I’m pretty sure she wasn’t just having some kind of psychotic episode since she seemed absolutely fine around her friends, and sane enough to get into a relationship with a guy she (thankfully!) ended up spending most of her time with.”


room for rent in NYC and weird roommates

“I had a great apartment, but needed a subletter to move in so that I could finish out the lease. When Mary said she could move in AND pay all five months up front, that sounded great. The bad part was everything that followed. She was ambiguously employed and would be up all hours doing coke with her friends, sleeping all day, and generally acting like an insane person. One time, I woke up in the middle of the night, and she was sitting on the edge of my bed talking to me in a creepy whisper voice, saying, “I’m so mad, Julie. I’m so mad.” I don’t know what she was talking about, but I tried to usher her out as quickly as possible.”


I really hope this person got the house he wanted so bad!



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