How can color help you manipulate your roommates?

Did you know that colors can have a very powerful effect on your mood, your psychological state and even your heart rate? It probably sounds like something they write in science magazines and that is far from reality, but I have noticed that it realIy works.

I remember a few years ago we used to have a very annoying neighbor who lived right above us and he was collectively hated by about a half of the whole buidling for being loud and having a habit of blasting music way past the reasonable pm hours. He was called the police on, complained to building management at, but somehow, he still kept doing it. As I said before, he lived right above us, so we probably got the worst of his personality. One night I couldn’t take it anymore so I went upstairs to confornt him. What did I see when he opened the door? Bright red walls of his living room! I believe the color of the walls was the reason he acted the way he did and wanted to have loud music on at all times.

Ok, I can’t really garantee that you will be able to manipulate your roommates, but I feel that choosing your colors right might help to achieve your goals. It is not an accident that politicians are so mindful of what they wear, after all, so why don’t we, here, try to make colors work in our favor too? For example to help us bring the relationship with our roommates to the level we want thm to be at.


roommate wearing red

Red-color of action. It stimulates heart beat and breathing, but as red has such a powerful impact on human impulses it also provokes anger and aggression, so that wouldn’t be your best choice if you need to negotiate something with your roommate. It is, however, a perfect color if you want to discreetly establish a leadership position in your household, as it is said to exhude a strong and powerful masculine energy. Try wearing something red around the apartment for a few days and see what happens.

roommate wearing orange

Orange– being a combination of red and yellow orange is good like no other color for persuasion, as it stimulates action while retaining positive attitude and the ability to risk.  It is in charge for that notorious “gut feeling” we rely so much on, while yellow component of this color ensuring positivity of this feeling.

roommate wearing yellow

Yellow – “happy” color as it stimulates release of serotonin in the brain. Yellow helps to build confidence and positivity, is known to increase attention and clarity of thoughts, so it is a great color if you want to win your roommates sympathy, however, keep in mind, that yellow is pretty “heavy” on the eyes due to high level of vibration so it’s better to pass on yellow if you are about to have a “face to face” talk with someone, as it might provoke feeling of uneasiness in your companion.

roommate wearing green

Green – natural peacemaker as it combines qualities of blue and yellow. It is considered to be a color of balance and harmony, and tend to help replenish lost energy. It could be perfect color for the walls in your bedroom if you feel a little exhausted of frantic NYC lifestyle and lack privacy living with roommates. It is also a great color to have on around if you feel tension building up between you and your roommate(s) as it relaxes and  suggests friendliness and acceptance.

roommate wearing blue

Blue– the “safest” color due to the non-threatening effect it has on our mind. It is believed to give you a sense of trust, peace and calmness and that makes it perfect for a debate or a conflict resolution. If there is an issue you are going to discuss with your roommate try wearing blue that day to help bring the heat level down a few degrees.

purple for a room for rent

Purple-Tired of your loud roommate- try giving him/her a purple blanket or a wall painting or something else, that is big and is going to be always in plain view in his/her room, as a gift. You might thank yourself for doing it, as purple is known for it’s ability to expand awareness connecting us to a higher level of consciosness – doesn’t it sound exactly what you roommate is lacking? To say more this is a color of inner peace and harmony, promoting mental balance and stability. Already surfing the net looking for a “giant purple something” to give to your roommate? Good luck, hope it works for you.

black when talking to your roommate

Black – is an ideal color for confronting your slob of a roommate for not doing his part of house chores or failing to clean or do the dishes after him/herself, as it is considered to be a color of authority and power, inducing fear and intimidation in others. From spiritual perspective wearing black could help you gain self-confidence and save energy, but be carefull wearing it around the house, because it will make you appear not friendly and unaproachable.

roommate wearing white

White – color of perfection, purity and innocence. Did you guess already what it would be great for? That’s right, wearing white will help you to stay away from roommate drama. It’s probably not going to shield you completely from negativity, but it could definitely help you to decrease level of fights if combined with rational behaviour and roommate etiquette.

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