living with roommates

"420 friendly" roommates

July 7, 2015 I’ve noticed that growing amount of roommate seekers identifies themselves as “420 friendly” and the people on the pictures in those profiles don’t look like junkies at all. The question that started bothering me though, is what should “420 friendly” in somebody’s profile tell me about this person? I mean, a lot of people
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How to evict your roommate

I have never had to evict anyone, but recently I was going through some serious beef with my roommate and that made me wonder what could I do if things would take an extreme turn. So I started prepairing myself for the worst and researching the ways to legally remove my roommate from the house if it
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Roommate Pranks

What would you do if you wake up in the middle of the street? Literally, in the middle of the street while laying down in your bed. You would probably wonder how you got there? Well, your dorm roommates pulled a prank on you and carried your bed outside while you were sleeping in it.. Haha…NOT
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