Dina Sharipova

How to rent your room fast

Why to rent out your room? If you have ever thought of renting your room out but are not sure that it’s going to work for you, think again. Even if the room you presumably want to let is too small, or dark, or crampy you still have a good chance to significantly improve your financial situation
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Hooking up with your roommate

How many times have you heard them saying that hooking up with your roommate is bad? Probably, just as many times, as alcoholics hear that liquor destroys their kidneys and shortens their lives. And just like a hopeless alcoholic who keeps drinking while fully aware of the harm, you did it, you hooked up with your
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"420 friendly" roommates

July 7, 2015 I’ve noticed that growing amount of roommate seekers identifies themselves as “420 friendly” and the people on the pictures in those profiles don’t look like junkies at all. The question that started bothering me though, is what should “420 friendly” in somebody’s profile tell me about this person? I mean, a lot of people
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